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Joseph Beuys - Kunst = Kapital, 1984, Cibachrome on aluminum, glass jar with paint
Joseph Beuys, 1984
Joseph Beuys - Gesundheitshelfer, 1979, plastic sign with handwritten addition
Joseph Beuys, 1979
Kerry James Marshall - Untitled, 2018, acrylic on PVC panel
Kerry James Marshall, 2018
Joseph Beuys - Konzert Mönchengladbach, 1970, cassette recorder, stamped with oil paint (Browncross)
Joseph Beuys, 1970
Roy Lichtenstein - Goldfish Bowl, 1977, painted and patinated bronze
Roy Lichtenstein, 1977
Roy Lichtenstein - I...I'm Sorry!, 1965-66, oil and Magna on canvas
Roy Lichtenstein, 1965-66
Andy Warhol - Single Elvis [Ferus Type], 1963, silkscreen ink and spray paint on linen
Andy Warhol, 1963
Jean‐Michel Basquiat - Eyes and Eggs, 1983, acrylic, oilstick and paper collage on cotton drop cloth with metal hinges
Jean‐Michel Basquiat, 1983
Ed Ruscha - ESPANA GRANDE, 1961, ink, oil, and collage on paper
Ed Ruscha, 1961
Cy Twombly - Untitled [New York City], 1953, oil based house paint and wax crayon on canvas
Cy Twombly, 1953
Ellsworth Kelly - Green Blue Red, 1963, oil on canvas
Ellsworth Kelly, 1963
Cy Twombly - By the Ionian Sea, 1988, bronze and oil-based paint
Cy Twombly, 1988
William Kentridge - Second-hand Reading, 2013, single channel HD video
William Kentridge, 2013
Robert Rauschenberg - Scripture II, 1974, acrylic, sand, graphite and collage on fabric laminated paper with grommets
Robert Rauschenberg, 1974
Jeff Koons - Balloon Dog (Blue), 1994-2000, mirror-polished stainless steel with transparent color coating
Jeff Koons, 1994-2000
Joseph Beuys - Filzwinkel, 1984-86, compressed felt
Joseph Beuys, 1984-86
Glenn Ligon - Double America 2, 2014, neon and paint
Glenn Ligon, 2014
Jeff Koons - Buster Keaton, 1988, polychromed wood
Jeff Koons, 1988
Andy Warhol - Two Marilyns, 1962, acrylic, silkscreen ink, and pencil on linen
Andy Warhol, 1962
Joseph Beuys - Buttocklifting, 1974, sign, baked enamel on convex metal sheet
Joseph Beuys, 1974
Jean‐Michel Basquiat - Melting Point of Ice, 1984, acrylic, oilstick and silkscreen
Jean‐Michel Basquiat, 1984
Doug Aitken - west, 2008, Aluminum lightbox, Neon, acrylic
Doug Aitken, 2008
Andy Warhol - Twenty Jackies, 1964, silkscreen ink on linen
Andy Warhol, 1964
Takashi Murakami - Hustle'n'Punch By Kaikai And Kiki, 2009, acrylic and platinum leaf on canvas mounted on aluminum frame
Takashi Murakami, 2009
Ed Ruscha - THOSE OTHER PEOPLE, 2011, acrylic on linen
Ed Ruscha, 2011