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Glenn Ligon - Screen, 1996, silkscreen on canvas
Glenn Ligon, 1996
Roy Lichtenstein - Rouen Cathedral, Set 3, 1968-69, oil and Magna on five canvas panels
Roy Lichtenstein, 1968-69
Mark Bradford - I heard you got arrested today, 2018, mixed media on canvas
Mark Bradford, 2018
Ed Ruscha - HOLLYWOOD IS A VERB, 1979, pastel on paper
Ed Ruscha, 1979
Doug Aitken - west, 2008, Aluminum lightbox, Neon, acrylic
Doug Aitken, 2008
Ed Ruscha - Norm's, La Cienega, on Fire, 1964, oil and pencil on canvas
Ed Ruscha, 1964
Joseph Beuys - Capri-Batterie, 1985, light bulb with plug socket, in wooden box; lemon
Joseph Beuys, 1985
Julie Mehretu - Conjured Parts (eye), Ferguson, 2016, ink and acrylic on canvas
Julie Mehretu, 2016
Julie Mehretu - Congress, 2003, ink and acrylic on canvas
Julie Mehretu, 2003
Glenn Ligon - White #5, 1993, oil stick and gesso on linen
Glenn Ligon, 1993
Ed Ruscha - ESPANA GRANDE, 1961, ink, oil, and collage on paper
Ed Ruscha, 1961
Sam Francis - Summer #1, 1957, oil on canvas
Sam Francis, 1957
Andy Warhol - Rorschach, 1984, acrylic on canvas
Andy Warhol, 1984
Jeff Koons - Triple Hulk Elvis II, 2007, oil on canvas
Jeff Koons, 2007
Ed Ruscha - THOSE OTHER PEOPLE, 2011, acrylic on linen
Ed Ruscha, 2011
Kerry James Marshall - Untitled (Orange Pants), 2014, acrylic on PVC panel
Kerry James Marshall, 2014
Anselm Kiefer - Kopf im Wald, Kopf in den Wolken, 1971, oil and fabric collage on two canvas panels
Anselm Kiefer, 1971
Robert Rauschenberg - Untitled, 1954, oil, fabric and newspaper on canvas
Robert Rauschenberg, 1954
Robert Rauschenberg - Untitled, 1963, oil and silkscreen inks on canvas
Robert Rauschenberg, 1963
Cy Twombly - Nini's Painting [Rome], 1971, oil based house paint, wax crayon, and lead pencil on canvas
Cy Twombly, 1971
Mark Bradford - Scorched Earth, 2006, billboard paper, photomechanical reproductions, acrylic gel medium, carbon paper, acrylic paint, bleach, and additional mixed media on canvas
Mark Bradford, 2006
Mark Bradford - Across 110th Street, 2008, mixed media collage on canvas
Mark Bradford, 2008
Joseph Beuys - Evervess II 1, 1968, two soda-water bottles, one with felt; in wooden box with text printed on lid
Joseph Beuys, 1968