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Jean‐Michel Basquiat - Gold Griot, 1984, acrylic and oilstick on wood
Jean‐Michel Basquiat, 1984
Sherrie Levine - Beach Ball after Lichtenstein, 2015, cast bronze
Sherrie Levine, 2015
Andy Warhol - Two Marilyns, 1962, acrylic, silkscreen ink, and pencil on linen
Andy Warhol, 1962
Joseph Beuys - hier Ende der Implosion, 1974, wooden wedge with pencil drawing
Joseph Beuys, 1974
Robert Rauschenberg - Untitled, 1963, oil and silkscreen inks on canvas
Robert Rauschenberg, 1963
Andy Warhol - Self Portrait, 1966, acrylic, silkscreen ink, pencil and ballpoint pen on linen
Andy Warhol, 1966
Julie Mehretu - Congress, 2003, ink and acrylic on canvas
Julie Mehretu, 2003
Julie Mehretu - Conjured Parts (eye), Ferguson, 2016, ink and acrylic on canvas
Julie Mehretu, 2016
Jean‐Michel Basquiat - Horn Players, 1983, acrylic and oilstick on three canvas panels mounted on wood supports
Jean‐Michel Basquiat, 1983
Anselm Kiefer - Kopf im Wald, Kopf in den Wolken, 1971, oil and fabric collage on two canvas panels
Anselm Kiefer, 1971
Anselm Kiefer - Deutschlands Geisteshelden, 1973, oil and charcoal on burlap mounted on canvas
Anselm Kiefer, 1973
Jean‐Michel Basquiat - Pink Devil, 1984, acrylic, oilstick, and xerox collage on canvas
Jean‐Michel Basquiat, 1984
Joseph Beuys - Konzert Mönchengladbach, 1970, cassette recorder, stamped with oil paint (Browncross)
Joseph Beuys, 1970
Glenn Ligon - White #5, 1993, oil stick and gesso on linen
Glenn Ligon, 1993
Glenn Ligon - White #9, 1993, oil stick and gesso on linen
Glenn Ligon, 1993
Doug Aitken - MAGIC, 2013, LED lit lightbox
Doug Aitken, 2013
Mark Bradford - Scorched Earth, 2006, billboard paper, photomechanical reproductions, acrylic gel medium, carbon paper, acrylic paint, bleach, and additional mixed media on canvas
Mark Bradford, 2006
Jean‐Michel Basquiat - Untitled, 1981, acrylic and oilstick on canvas
Jean‐Michel Basquiat, 1981
Joseph Beuys - Capri-Batterie, 1985, light bulb with plug socket, in wooden box; lemon
Joseph Beuys, 1985
Joseph Beuys - Buttocklifting, 1974, sign, baked enamel on convex metal sheet
Joseph Beuys, 1974
Joseph Beuys - Difesa della natura, 1984, color offset on heavy paper
Joseph Beuys, 1984
Glenn Ligon - Untitled: Four Etchings, 1992, four softground etching, aquatint, spit bite and sugarlifts on paper
Glenn Ligon, 1992