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Branching Structures

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oil, alkyd resin, mica, graphite on linen
95 x 115 in. (241.3 x 292.1 cm)

About This Artwork

Terry Winters is inspired by complex natural systems found in mathematics and biological schemes, as well as by produced structures such as those in art, architecture, engineering, and computer graphics. From these starting points, painting is a matter of “design plus chance,” Winters asserts, and a way of interpreting information. The artist uses painterly intuition to inject chance and improvisation into objective conditions, adeptly blurring the line between source materials and creative impulses. Branching Structures is packed with information yet decidedly abstract, holding an overall order while at times spinning into a dazzling array of details and patterns. The result is a moment of systems coming to bear on other systems, a metaphor for the constant motion and change presented by a quickly morphing world.