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Lunch Break Installation, "Duane Hanson: Sculptures of Life," 14 December 2002 -- 23 February 2003, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

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four chromogenic prints
72 x 121 in. (182.88 x 307.34 cm)

About This Artwork

Sharon Lockhart demonstrates a prolonged interest in her subjects. Her exploratory working process—often achieved by immersing herself in the culture of her subjects—results in nuanced portraits of relationships between person, place, and work. Here, the four angles from which Lockhart has staged the scene and the massive size of the prints make it difficult to tell that three of the figures pictured remain unchanged in each image. These figures, as well as the scaffolding and sawhorses, are part of a sculpture by Duane Hanson, an artist known for his realistic sculptures of everyday people engaged in routine activities. The two other figures, who change positions in each image, are museum preparators installing the artwork. Lockhart’s series reveals many synchronicities: the physicality and tools of labor, the interest of two artists in the beauty of ordinary people, and the potential for artifice to expose a hidden layer of truth.

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