Artwork by Cindy Sherman
#thebroadfromhome | Workshop

The Broad To Go: Portraiture


In partnership with Touch Art Supply in Highland Park, 5,500 "The Broad To Go" art kits were delivered to students through The Broad's non-profit arts education partners, 826 LAGreetings from South CentralInner City Artsthe Los Angeles Public Library, and School on Wheels.

View and download a free PDF of the art cards from the kit in English or Spanish. The art cards feature an art activity and prompts inspired by Broad collection artists Sharon LockhartCindy Sherman, and Nathaniel Mary Quinn.

About The Broad's Art Kits

The film compendium to The Broad’s latest collection installation, Oracle Film Series, considers the individual in systems of global commerce, colonialism and digital networks. What becomes of traditions, religions, our oracles in the hyperreal inertia of our present day? The films assembled here celebrate the tenacity of the body and its ability to locate moments of sublimity in the face of global capitalism. From features shot in France, Japan, Djibouti, Thailand and the US, paired with short artist videos that render their message via lip-sync, video games, camp performance or productivity consultations, Oracle Film Series assembles masterworks in world cinema that shimmer with subversive glory, unleashing the self into jungles of digital or metaphysical design.

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