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Raymond and Toby

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oil on fiberglass
47 x 43 x 39 in. (119.38 x 109.22 x 99.06 cm)

About This Artwork

Since the 1980s, John Ahearn has worked closely with his subjects, making life casts of people in the South Bronx neighborhood of New York City. His longtime collaboration with Rigoberto Torres involves creating fine art in close contact with communities all over the world, often making molds of people directly in plaster and casting them. The life-size finished pieces capture the specific attributes of the models, from the types of clothing they wear to the attitudes of their poses. Focusing on people from his community, Ahearn presents a glimpse into the lived experience of a particular time and place. Many subjects enact the roles that fill most of our lives — grocery shopping, walking a dog, getting children ready for school — and, subsequently, the sculptures are not only recognizable but joyful in their celebration of life.