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The Broad's 5th Anniversary: Christopher Wool
Feb 08 - Dec 31, 2020
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In celebration of The Broad's fifth anniversary, the museum will dedicate its first and third floor galleries to a series of free exhibitions and in-depth, single-artist presentations in a unique, rolling sequence beginning February 8 until early 2021 that includes deep dives into the work of icons of American postwar art and 1960s pop, key artists of the 1980s New York and Los Angeles art scenes, and works by important figures of the 1990s to the present day.

An in-depth installation featuring 16 works by Christopher Wool (13 of which are on view for the first time at The Broad) kicks off The Broad's 5th Anniversary Year on February 8. The works on view in this expansive presentation spans from 1985 to 2015, including iconic works that use text, roller paintings, and recent works using digital manipulation, including:

  • Untitled (1991) – a work that reproduces a quote from Situationist writer Raoul Vaneigem, which Wool found in Lipstick Traces, a book by rock music critic Greil Marcus).
  • I Smell a Rat (1994) – a pivotal work for the artist, in which he began reusing his own work as an image bank for generating paintings.
  • Untitled (2015) – a recent painting in which Wool uses digital methods.

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Highlighted Artwork

Christopher Wool
enamel on paper
52 x 32 3/4 in. (132.08 x 83.19 cm)
Christopher Wool
enamel and acrylic on aluminum
72 x 48 in. (182.88 x 121.92 cm)
Christopher Wool
silkscreen ink on linen
108 x 96 in. (274.3 x 243.8 cm)