Cindy Sherman - Untitled #571, 2016, dye sublimation metal print

Untitled #571

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dye sublimation metal print
54 x 69 1/2 in. (137.16 x 176.53 cm)

About This Artwork

In her body of work made in 2016, Sherman reexamines historical film stars, inspired by the silent film era of a century ago. The costumes, accessories, hairdos, makeup, and gestures allow these portraits to read—like many of Sherman’s other series—as eerily familiar. Rather than referencing film stills, these works imitate posed portraits of silent film actresses. She pairs the women with clearly faux backgrounds, mimicking painting or, in one instance, employing extreme digital effects. The artist prints these works in color on metal—a new medium for Sherman—so while the images trigger dreamlike nostalgia, their vivid palette reminds the viewer that these are contemporary images.