Jasper Johns
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Up Close: Jasper Johns


The Broad's curator Ed Schad spent years studying one of the great artworks in the Broad collection, Jasper Johns's Watchman (1964). In the latest episode of Up Close, Schad delves into Watchman and shares a turning point in his interpretation of this remarkable work. Watch to learn about Johns’s lifelong preoccupation with questioning the meanings behind familiar symbols, objects, and images.

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About Up Close

Barbara Kruger’s Untitled (Your body is a battleground), 1989, is a stark emblem for feminist art practice—if the body is our battleground, it is through language that we fight. Inspired by Kruger's work and by similarly discursive artworks in the Broad collection, The Tip of Her Tongue program series features feminist artists in performance who work with language and embodiment. The artists in this series have intense stories to tell and experiment aggressively with the telling. The artists work with words to explore how the body's relationship to language is mediated by histories large and small. The body may both anchor and disrupt the story. It is a source of desire, grief, shame and laughter. These intimate performances explore the politics of representation—with how gender is produced in, through and as language; and how the stories we tell circulate around, move through, against and with the body.

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