Hustle'n'Punch By Kaikai And Kiki by TAKASHI MURAKAMI
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The Broad To Go: Pop Art


“The Broad To Go” art kits were created so that kids can be creative, experience The Broad from home, and get much-needed art supplies while school buildings are closed.

In partnership with Touch Art Supply in Highland Park, 1,400 students received a Pop Art-themed art kit through The Broad's non-profit arts education partners, Inner City Arts826 LAGreetings from South Central, and School on Wheels.

Inspired by Broad collection artists Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Takashi Murakami, each art kit contains art supplies, a journal, free museum passes for when the museum reopens, and art cards in English and Spanish that offer art activities and questions to develop each student’s critical thinking skills.

View and download a PDF of the art cards in English or Spanish for free.


The Broad To Go Art Kit closed The Broad To Go Art Kit open

Photos of The Broad To Go art kit by Touch Art Supply