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Joseph Beuys - Backstein für F.I.U., 1983, brick
Joseph Beuys, 1983
Ed Ruscha - Double Spread, 1973, gunpowder and tobacco on paper
Ed Ruscha, 1973
Jeff Koons - Jim Beam - J.B. Turner Train, 1986, stainless steel, bourbon
Jeff Koons, 1986
Joseph Beuys - Kunst = Kapital, 1984, Cibachrome on aluminum, glass jar with paint
Joseph Beuys, 1984
Ellen Gallagher - DeLuxe, 2004-2005, a portfolio of 60 printed objects with aquatint, dry-point, photogravure, spitbite, lithography, silkscreen, embossing, tattoo machine engraving, laser-cutting, collage, crystals, cut paper, enamel, glitter, gold leaf, gouache, graphite, oil, Plasticine
Ellen Gallagher, 2004-2005
Jeff Koons - Peg Leg Liberty Bell, 2008, oil on canvas
Jeff Koons, 2008
Joseph Beuys - Difesa della natura, 1984, color offset on heavy paper
Joseph Beuys, 1984
Glenn Ligon - White #5, 1993, oil stick and gesso on linen
Glenn Ligon, 1993
Keith Haring - Untitled, 1984, acrylic on four muslin panels
Keith Haring, 1984
Sam Francis - Why Then Opened II, 1962-63, oil and acrylic on canvas
Sam Francis, 1962-63
Mark Bradford - I heard you got arrested today, 2018, mixed media on canvas
Mark Bradford, 2018
Mark Bradford - Scorched Earth, 2006, billboard paper, photomechanical reproductions, acrylic gel medium, carbon paper, acrylic paint, bleach, and additional mixed media on canvas
Mark Bradford, 2006
Robert Therrien - Under the Table, 1994, wood, metal and enamel
Robert Therrien, 1994
Jean‐Michel Basquiat - Melting Point of Ice, 1984, acrylic, oilstick and silkscreen
Jean‐Michel Basquiat, 1984
Ed Ruscha - Norm's, La Cienega, on Fire, 1964, oil and pencil on canvas
Ed Ruscha, 1964
Cecily Brown - Black Painting I, 2002, oil on linen
Cecily Brown, 2002
Mark Tansey - Wake, 2003, oil on canvas
Mark Tansey, 2003
Andy Warhol - Big Electric Chair, 1967-68, acrylic and silkscreen ink on linen
Andy Warhol, 1967-68
Joseph Beuys - Gesundheitshelfer, 1979, plastic sign with handwritten addition
Joseph Beuys, 1979
Glenn Ligon - Double America 2, 2014, neon and paint
Glenn Ligon, 2014
Mark Tansey - Four Forbidden Senses, 1982, oil on four canvas panels
Mark Tansey, 1982
Jean‐Michel Basquiat - Eyes and Eggs, 1983, acrylic, oilstick and paper collage on cotton drop cloth with metal hinges
Jean‐Michel Basquiat, 1983
Anselm Kiefer - Deutschlands Geisteshelden, 1973, oil and charcoal on burlap mounted on canvas
Anselm Kiefer, 1973
Jenny Saville - Strategy, 1994, oil on canvas
Jenny Saville, 1994
Ed Ruscha - CITY(#1), 1967, graphite on paper
Ed Ruscha, 1967
Glenn Ligon - White #9, 1993, oil stick and gesso on linen
Glenn Ligon, 1993
Jeff Koons - Triple Hulk Elvis II, 2007, oil on canvas
Jeff Koons, 2007