Past Collection Installation


Nov 5 - Mar 19
Selected Works from Creature

Image credits (clockwise): Leon Golub, White Squad V, 1984; Ellen Gallagher, Watery Ecstatic Series, 2004; Thomas Houseago, Giant Figure (Cyclops), 2011; George Condo, Self Portraits Facing Cancer 1, 2015; Jean-Michel Basquiat, Beef Ribs Longhorn, 1982; Takashi Murakami, Nurse Ko2 (Original rendering by Nishi-E-Da, modeling by BOME and Genpachi Tokaimura, advised by Masahiko Asano, full scale sculpture by Lucky-Wide Co., Ltd.), 2011

About Creature

Now on view at The Broad is Creature, a free general admission installation that fills the museum’s first-floor galleries with more than 50 works presenting approaches to figuration and representations of the self in the Broad collection. From slick avatars and popular icons to images rooted in mythology and animal instincts, the installation features works by over 25 artists including Georg Baselitz, Joseph Beuys, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Ellen Gallagher, Leon Golub, Jenny Holzer, Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakami, and Andy Warhol plus Thomas Houseago’s Giant Figure (Cyclops), 2011, which is making its U.S. debut.

Ranging from artworks that examine the human body, to others that allude to a physical presence outside of the artwork itself, Creature offers an array of lenses through which to view the human experience, some scientifically based and others drawing inspiration from cultural representations of how living things change over time.

Works from the Collection Installation

177 x 67 x 66 in. (449.58 x 170.18 x 167.64 cm)
acrylic on linen
120 x 161 in. (304.8 x 408.94 cm)
12 drawings: watercolor, ink, oil, pencil and cut paper
dimensions variable