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Jean‐Michel Basquiat - Melting Point of Ice, 1984, acrylic, oilstick and silkscreen
Jean‐Michel Basquiat, 1984
Roy Lichtenstein - Femme d'Alger, 1963, oil on canvas
Roy Lichtenstein, 1963
Joseph Beuys - Gesundheitshelfer, 1979, plastic sign with handwritten addition
Joseph Beuys, 1979
Jean‐Michel Basquiat - Eyes and Eggs, 1983, acrylic, oilstick and paper collage on cotton drop cloth with metal hinges
Jean‐Michel Basquiat, 1983
Roy Lichtenstein - I...I'm Sorry!, 1965-66, oil and Magna on canvas
Roy Lichtenstein, 1965-66
Jean‐Michel Basquiat - Beef Ribs Longhorn, 1982, acrylic, oilstick, and paper collage on canvas mounted on tied wood supports
Jean‐Michel Basquiat, 1982
Ed Ruscha - The Right People, 2011, acrylic on linen
Ed Ruscha, 2011
Joseph Beuys - Pala, 1983, spade; blade wrought iron, handle ash wood, with burned inscription
Joseph Beuys, 1983
Cecily Brown - Tender is the Night, 1999, oil on linen
Cecily Brown, 1999
Kerry James Marshall - Untitled, 2017, acrylic on PVC panel
Kerry James Marshall, 2017
Kerry James Marshall - Untitled (Orange Pants), 2014, acrylic on PVC panel
Kerry James Marshall, 2014
Doug Aitken - MAGIC, 2013, LED lit lightbox
Doug Aitken, 2013
Ed Ruscha - Double Spread, 1973, gunpowder and tobacco on paper
Ed Ruscha, 1973
Ed Ruscha - Norm's, La Cienega, on Fire, 1964, oil and pencil on canvas
Ed Ruscha, 1964
Joseph Beuys - Telephon S-----------------E, 1974, two tin cans, one with brown paint (Browncorss); string, label
Joseph Beuys, 1974
Ellen Gallagher - eXelento, 2004, ink, paper, Plasticine and resin on canvas
Ellen Gallagher, 2004
Cecily Brown - Black Painting I, 2002, oil on linen
Cecily Brown, 2002
Roy Lichtenstein - Black Flowers, 1961, oil on canvas
Roy Lichtenstein, 1961
Sam Francis - Grey, 1954-55, oil on canvas
Sam Francis, 1954-55
Robert Therrien - Under the Table, 1994, wood, metal and enamel
Robert Therrien, 1994
Ellsworth Kelly - Green Blue Red, 1963, oil on canvas
Ellsworth Kelly, 1963
Mark Tansey - Achilles and the Tortoise, 1986, oil on canvas
Mark Tansey, 1986
Jean‐Michel Basquiat - Horn Players, 1983, acrylic and oilstick on three canvas panels mounted on wood supports
Jean‐Michel Basquiat, 1983
Kara Walker - African't, 1996, cut paper on wall
Kara Walker, 1996
Jenny Saville - In the realm of the Mothers II, 2014, charcoal on canvas
Jenny Saville, 2014