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The Broad's 5th Anniversary Year
Feb 08 - Feb 14, 2021
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In celebration of The Broad's fifth anniversary, The Broad is dedicating its first and third floor galleries to showcasing the Broad collection, which encompasses approximately 2,000 artworks and reflects many of the forces and ideas that have shaped art since the mid-twentieth century. Throughout 2020, The Broad will unveil a series of free exhibitions and in-depth, single-artist presentations in a unique, rolling sequence that includes deep dives into the work of icons of American postwar art and 1960s pop, key artists of the 1980s New York and Los Angeles art scenes, and works by important figures of the 1990s to the present day.

Ten Broad collection artists will be highlighted through free exhibitions and in-depth installations, including John Baldessari, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Mike Kelley, Barbara KrugerRoy LichtensteinTakashi Murakami, Ed Ruscha, Kara Walker, Andy Warhol, and Christopher Wool. The Broad is producing special, collectible printed guides for each artist featured this year, available for free in the galleries.

Free exhibitions include Desire, Knowledge, and Hope (with Smog), opening April 4, featuring iconic Los Angeles artists Baldessari, Kelley, Kruger and Ruscha, and an anniversary exhibition opening on September 26 highlighting new acquisitions and artists in the collection.

All exhibitions and installations listed below can be accessed with free general admission tickets.

The Broad's 5th Anniversary Year is exclusively presented by Leading Partner East West Bank.

Christopher Wool – Opens February 8

Features 16 artworks (13 are on view for the first time at The Broad), including Untitled (1991), I Smell a Rat (1994), and Untitled (2015).

Desire, Knowledge, and Hope (with Smog) – April 4-August 16

Features 81 artworks (28 are on view at The Broad for the first time), including:

  • 19 artworks by Baldessari in a mini-retrospective installation including important works from the beginning of the artist's career, such as Tips for Artists Who Want to Sell and The Spectator is Compelled... and late-career works like All Z's (Picabia/Mondrian): Zealot (2017); works on view for the first time include Horizontal Men (With One Luxuriating) (1984) and Junction Series: Two Landscapes, Birds (with People) and Solders (at Attention) (2002).
  • 15 works by Kelley, including Gym Interior (2005), an immersive multimedia installation from the artist's Day is Done series, on view for the first time at The Broad.
  • 7 works by Kruger, including the four channel video installation, Twelve (2004), which will be on view for the first time.
  • 40 works by Ruscha in a mini-retrospective installation including key works like Norm's, La Cienaga, on Fire (1964) and works that have never been shown before at The Broad, Strong, Healthy (1987); Sunset-Gardner Cross (1988-99); and Psycho Spaghetti Western #3 and Pyscho Spaghetti Western #5 from the artist's series inspired by nineteenth-century painter Thomas Cole's The Course of Empire cycle.

Jean-Michel Basquiat – Opens June 6

Features all 13 works by the artist in the Broad collection, including three works on view for the first time: Santo 2 (1982); Deaf (1984); and Wicker (1984).

Kara Walker – Opens July 18

Features all nine artworks (five on view for the first time) by the artist in the Broad collection, including a new acquisition, The White Power ‘Gin / Machine to Harvest the Nativist Instinct for Beneficial Uses to Border Crossers Everywhere (2019).

Roy Lichtenstein – Opens September 5

Mini-retrospective installation featuring 23 artworks, with nearly half on view for the first time, including: Purist Still Life (1975); Female Figure (1979); Two Paintings: Radiator and Folded Sheets (1984); Reflections: VIP! VIP! (1989); Nude with Pyramid (1994).

Free Anniversary Exhibition Highlighting New Acquisitions – September 26, 2020-February 14, 2021

Further details will be announced later this spring.

Takashi Murakami – Opens September 26

Features 12 works, including three on view for the first time: Flower Matango (b) (2001-2006); The World of Sphere (2003); and Warp (2009).

Andy Warhol – Opens September 26

Mini-retrospective installation featuring 27 works (13 on view for the first time) including a major new acquisition, Liz [Early Colored Liz] (1963); Mao (1973); and 40 Gold Marilyns (1980).

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Highlighted Artwork

John Baldessari
black-and-white and color photographs with vinyl paint and oil tint, mounted on five panels
185 1/16 x 446 1/8 in. (470.06 x 1133.16 cm)
John Baldessari
acrylic on canvas
68 1/4 x 56 1/2 x 1 1/2 in. (173.36 x 143.51 x 3.81 cm)
Jean‐Michel Basquiat
acrylic, oilstick and xerox collage on canvas
86 x 98 in. (218.44 x 248.92 cm)
Mike Kelley
mixed media with video projection and photographs
152 x 177 x 124 in. (386.08 x 449.58 x 314.96 cm)
Barbara Kruger
four screen video projection
Roy Lichtenstein
oil and Magna on canvas
68 x 88 in. (172.72 x 223.52 cm)
Ed Ruscha
acrylic on canvas
60 x 112 x 2 in. (152.4 x 284.48 x 5.08 cm)
Takashi Murakami
acrylic, platinum leaf, and gold leaf on canvas mounted on aluminum frame
118 x 93 5/8 x 2 in. (299.72 x 237.74 x 5.08 cm)
Christopher Wool
enamel on paper
52 x 32 3/4 in. (132.08 x 83.19 cm)
Liz [Early Colored Liz]
Andy Warhol
Synthetic polymer and silkscreen ink on canvas
40 x 40 in.
The White Power ‘Gin / Machine to Harvest the Nativist Instinct for Beneficial Uses to Border Crossers Everywhere
Kara Walker
Soft pastel, charcoal and oil stick on paper; graphite and ink on paper
Triptych: 86.75 x 72 in. each element (86.75 x 216 in. overall); 12 works on paper, vertical and horizontal: 13.125 x 9.5 in.



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